How soon after our meeting, I can be expected to deliver a finished proposal, does of course depend on how busy I am. Even during low season I prefer to have a couple of weeks to sort out all thoughts and ideas. During this process I also like to toss ideas back and forth with the client, before deciding on what is finally put on paper. The actual drawing process is in itself rather time consuming, I do all drawings by hand and I pay meticulous attention to details.


Spring and early summer is when I am at my busiest, with maintenance as well as design. If you contact me in April or May, I may not be able to be able to make time for you until autumn. Try to have both a big dose of patience and foresight when planning your garden. It is a large project that you take on and the finished garden is supposed to last for many years to come. If you want to start the project in the spring you ought to contact me during the preceding autumn.

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