About us

Åsa Dahlberg – part-owner. Qualified Gardener specializing in environment and health.


Professional exam 2004 - Öknaskolan KY

Courses in garden design, Entrepreneurial law, Mark AMA  2007, 2008 –Gardening Academy, BFAB

Basic agricultural training 1982 – Nuntorp School, Brålanda

Timber haulage with horse 1981- Stallion Breeding Institute Wången

During the first three years just after my training I did work as at two different design and construction companies. I have a documented experience in professional garden maintenance, design and construction.

I prefer to design “my” gardens based on nature itself. I strive to use different materials such as natural stone, wood and concrete and to get as natural and “unstyled” a result as possible, which works well with the character of the property and its surroundings. It may be anything from the tiny country cottage to the ultramodern functionalistic building. Although I, as every other garden designer, have my own style, it is ALWAYS the client’s needs and demands that set the final touches to the design.

Colour, shape and function are equally important, and when you hire me you know that what I draw can be constructed, and what I construct can be maintained.

Håkan Karlsson – part-owner, excavator operator and mechanic. He is in charge of all mechanical services, and helps out wherever necessary. Håkan has been working with land development and heavy machinery since childhood and knows everything worth knowing about stones and stone materials. He is also an accomplished carpenter.


Handy Hasse is the company dog. He is in charge of the social element and makes sure that life never gets dull! He is a stunning little fellow and when he is not “working” as a gardener’s aid he is working hard in the forest with tracking, or on obedience training field. He loves to take clients without dogs for a walk, should the opportunity arise.  

We are of course not able to manage on our own in our brave little band. Whenever necessary, we hire outside staff, e g excavator operators, maintenance staff, arborists, and landscaping engineers.

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