The pruning season will start soon. It is unusually late this year, due to severe cold. It is important not to prune too close to a period of severe cold (with low temperatures over night of several degrees below zero).  The trees are resting yet awhile, but light pruning can be done when the average day temperature is above zero.

In the springtime I prune apple and pear trees in need of simple formative pruning, such as lightly pruning tip bearers, removal of dry twigs, branches, etc.

Regulatory pruning of trees that have not been pruned for several years, and are in danger of severe bleeding, will have to wait until the JAS-period (July – August - September)

Pruning is an exciting challenge, a creative task, which also gives you fresh air and exercise...

but for those who cannot, will not, do not have the time or the strength... there is always the possibility of call in us at TRIM to get a professional work done.

For you who want to, and have the time to prune your own trees, but perhaps lack the knowledge how, there is always the possibility of hiring me for a day or two to have a thorough training in theory as well as in practice.

If you are a group of people wanting the share the cost, this can be done as well, however, no more than four participants at a time. For larger groups, I will arrange pruning classes together with a group of my colleagues. 


excl. moms

incl. moms

Gardener per hour



Full day

4 000

5 000

Course, consultation fee per hour

Half day


2 800


4 500

Course full day

5 600

7 000

Travel expenses, truck with equipment

70/10 km

87:50/10 km



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