Are you living in a newly built house with a garden that needs designing from start? Perhaps you live in an older house with an established garden, where you want to make changes, big or small?

Maybe you have a totally overgrown old garden, where one needs to tread gently with knowledge about the existing plants in order to recreate the original design?

Or just an empty balcony?

To Trädgård i Mälardalen, all projects are equally exciting!

Regardless of type of project, we are always particular about doing them with professional pride. Whether it is hard surfaces or various types of planting, you as our client must be able to feel safe in the knowledge that all jobs have been professionally done. We do of course offer guarantee on all our jobs according to the legislation.

We can help you will all types of hard surfaces e.g.:

  • Various types of paving material
  • Flagstones, etc.
  • Stairways, walls
  • Gravel gardens, etc.

All types of green surfaces e.g.:

  • Lawns
  • Planting of bushes and trees
  • Flowerbeds, perennial or summer flowers

Garden restoration

  • Older cultivated environments or just a thorough "cleansing"
  • Renovation of old walls, stone surfaces, etc
  • Pruning of trees and bushes
  • Replanting and renovation of old perennial flowerbeds


  • Japanese gardens
  • Feng Shui
  • Garden ponds
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